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Marvellous Map of Malton

This project was created with a group of local teachers and volunteers from Malton Museum. The resource is free to use, and can be used in a variety of curriculum areas including Geography, History, Local Study and English (see Curriculum links).  The online resource can be used as a stand alone teaching aid or used in conjunction with a resource box and/or costume box . Please see the details below for more information on the cost, what is included and how to book.

About the resource

Target age range: KS1 and KS2 children

This resource has been designed to be flexible. It includes a large amount of information so that teachers can use the slides applicable to their needs and time frames.  Although this has been designed as a local study topic featuring Malton it can apply to any market town.

How to use the resource

Technical bits

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Additional information to be used in the classroom



Malton School 18511851-Census—


Curriculum links (1)

In the classroom

Local Study – Skills involved in the project

  • An awareness of the past, recognise the work of archaeologists in understanding the past. Changes within living memory locally and how they reflect on events nationally. Can they use different sources to piece together what life was like here in our grand-parents time? Ways in which we can find out about the past. Can they use their information finding skills to build and describe the town in the past?
  • To be able to ask & answer questions about change, cause, similarity & difference and significance. Understand methods of historical enquiry & how evidence is used to make historical claims. To understand how our knowledge of the past is constructed from a range of sources & how events from one period affect another. How aspects of national history are reflected in our locality.

Resource Box

Charges and borrowing period

£30 for up to a month then £10 per week thereafter.

Refundable deposit of £30 for each box.

Contents of resource box

  • A3 maps of Malton, 1730, 1889 and present day.
  • A selection of artifacts from the Victorian period
  • A collection of old coins from pre-decimal times.
  • A selection of bill heads and advertisements from typical shops of the 19th and 20th
  • A selection of old photographs showing street scenes and specific shops in the town.
  • A collection of character cards giving children chance to look more closely at some people of the market town.
  • A collection of challenge cards on broad topics linked to the current exhibition at Malton Museum “Malton Goes to Market”
  • A Talk for Learning section giving teachers brief guidelines on some ways to use the objects within the resource box.
  • Curriculum links showing how the project could be used across a wide range of subjects.

Costume Box 

The costume chest contains both adult and children’s Victorian style costumes to encourage role play around many of the topics which can be developed from the information within the resource.

Contact details

Please contact us on:

01653 691262