Living History Project 2020

Would you like to be recorded for posterity? Do you have a few minutes to write a bit about your life during the COVID-19 lockdown? Or share some photographs of the unusual from this time? Malton Museum is undertaking a Living History Project, much like the Mass Observation during WW2, which has now proved so helpful in understanding how ordinary people lived, behaved and what they valued during that time. We want to know how your daily life has changed. Are you growing vegetables for the first time? How have you been shopping? Have you baked more? How are you communicating with your friends and family? What did you miss most? Is there anything you’ve enjoyed more? Have there been any surprises? As lockdown eases, how is your life now? You can write as much or as little as you like, we have a few questions to help you along but we just want to hear your experiences. You can even report anonymously should you wish. In 50 or 75 years time, our descendants may be fascinated to learn about how we coped! Join in and let your voice be heard!

Open to residents of Ryedale only.

Please apply to for more information.