Guest Blog: Experience Malton Museum – a secret gem of an attraction situated in the wonders of Malton in Yorkshire

We’ve collaborated with myhotelbreak. Find out what they discovered in this latest guest post when they visited us here at Malton Museum:

We were in Yorkshire for the weekend not far from the national park and we wanted to experience some local history. A colleague of ours had been in Malton only a few months previously during their hotel break in Yorkshire and they mentioned they visited Malton Museum. It got us really intrigued as they said the museum was a real community driver with an array of really fun and interesting displays on offer.

Let’s find out more…

We had done our research and knew there was a lot of history attached to this attraction so we were interested to find out more. The museum had fallen on hard times but post 2012 the local community came together to usher in a new era to Malton Museum making it an important part of the town once again.

What we discovered…

Malton is rich in history especially with its Roman background. The two displays on offer at the time we visited were the Malton Timeline and the Malton Horse Power. What we also loved about the exhibitions were the detail put into each display. Visitors gain a real understanding of the local economy all the way through to the present day. For those with kids its really great too as there are hands on exhibits which makes the learning experience that more joyful for the little ones, from grinding flour to dressing up.

What else should we know?

Malton Museum is open from April through November on Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays, 10am-4pm. We highly recommend visiting. Its attractions such as this which make you truly understand the towns and villages in which you visit. A special mention goes to the volunteers with their local knowledge which added to the whole experience.

A secret gem of attraction worth visiting time and again.

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