Measuring Medieval Malton

Last summer did you notice small groups of people wandering round the middle of Malton clutching measuring tapes and clipboards? They were the ones who could be heard talking about feet and inches, and making the odd mention of “perches”.

They were volunteers on the Museum’s “Measuring Medieval Malton” project, working with Dr Patrick Ottaway who has carried out similar work in York. Over the winter they have been hard at work crunching numbers and studying old maps, finding out what evidence remains for the way that the Borough of New Malton was set out when it was created in the 12th century, and what, if anything, was there before then.

The results of the project will be presented in a new exhibition in the Museum later in the year and a full report on the project is being prepared which you will be able to consult in the Museum’s new Community Resource Area. Watch out for further announcements.

This project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The Burgage Plot teamIMG_0423[1].JPG

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