Madlab WordPress Training in Manchester

Malton Museum Stores

One of our volunteers Chris in the Malton Museum Stores

So far, so Good

We are having another fun day with Madlab WordPress Training in Manchester.

In fact it is very nearly as exciting as a day volunteering in the Malton Museum Stores (as pictured on the right).

The weather is also perfect, as it is miserable, so what better way to spend the day than completely ignoring it, and staring at a computer screen instead.

My Journey from Malton

The travel from Malton started off very well because I was travelling on a Coastliner Bus and this is always a pleasure.

Much less pleasurable was the travel from York to Manchester using the Transpennine services, only because of the service is well over capacity.

I shall attempt to add more exciting post to this website throughout the day so please visit this blog for potential excitement.




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