Measuring Medieval Malton

Last summer did you notice small groups of people wandering round the middle of Malton clutching measuring tapes and clipboards? They were the ones who could be heard talking about feet and inches, and making the odd mention of “perches”.

They were volunteers on the Museum’s “Measuring Medieval Malton” project, working with Dr Patrick Ottaway who has carried out similar work in York. Over the winter they have been hard at work crunching numbers and studying old maps, finding out what evidence remains for the way that the Borough of New Malton was set out when it was created in the 12th century, and what, if anything, was there before then.

The results of the project will be presented in a new exhibition in the Museum later in the year and a full report on the project is being prepared which you will be able to consult in the Museum’s new Community Resource Area. Watch out for further announcements.

This project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The Burgage Plot teamIMG_0423[1].JPG

Update from our A level student on her prototype

A few months ago, Rosie wrote a blog post for us on her development on her prototype for her A level in Design and Technology. The prototype is now finished so we asked Rosie to share her journey .

The aim for Rosie was to create an prototype for  interactive interpretation station which would be used outside or inside a museum. She needed to work with our style guide and think about who would use the station  and how (both adults and children). This is the first time the museum has worked with an A level student on this type of project so it was really interesting to see how the project has come together, and we have enjoyed having Rosie with us.

Here is her story –

I have come to the end of my personal project into producing a product that will benefit all ages to learn and interact with. It has been a really interesting process that has let me develop my knowledge of working in the industry of designing. The help from Malton Museum has thoroughly aided in my evolution in this project.

I reached out to the Museums Development officer, Claire Sawdon. I initially received a great amount of information surrounding the Roman Fort in Orchard Gardens to support my context and knowledge of the area that can be applied to my ideas when designing the project. We also discussed where I should take my project in terms of what form my product should be in. Claire brought up issues and things to consider that I wouldn’t have thought of. This was thoroughly helpful and developed in what I was designing, which improved the function of my final product.

During this project we have had several meetings discussing all aspects of my project from information of Roman Malton, all the way to showing and discussing images of my final outcome. In one of the meetings we discussed the use of their style guideline. This was a great opportunity to be able to use an institutions style guideline. This allowed me to strengthen the professional influences my product had. This was my first time using a style guideline and at the end of this project it was very rewarding to have the client to approve it as a product that could represent Malton Museum.

Claire also gave me an opportunity to go with the Malton Museum team to a research trip. This was highly interesting and allowed me to gain images to show possible other locations for my product. it also allowed me to take first hand images of interactive ideas that could go on my project. This was on top of the creative ideas that Claire had suggested to me and that were used in my design development. This trip also allowed me to meet and discuss my product with other members of the team, whom were all very interested and supportive of my project.

The support from Malton museum has made it possible for me to produce a product that fits purpose, provides an aesthetic style to it and developed my ideas of producing a product that is different to what is already on the market. Due to Claire the product has become a well thought out design that I’m sure many people would enjoy using and learning from.

I’m currently in the process of planning for Claire to come and see the product first hand. This will be an exciting moment as she will be able to see all aspects of the product up close and be able to test the product out as a client, but also as a member of the public that would use this product. Having Malton Museum as my client has put me in a good position in terms of furthering my interest in this part of the industry. This is because I’m potentially going to university to study design for museums and exhibitions. Therefore, gaining experience in the industry through Malton Museum has been a fantastic opportunity. I am very grateful for the support from Malton Museum and specifically Claire Sawdon, who guided me through the project with her knowledge and experience. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Malton Museum and will maintain contact with them for any future aid they may need.


Madlab WordPress Training in Manchester

Malton Museum Stores

One of our volunteers Chris in the Malton Museum Stores

So far, so Good

We are having another fun day with Madlab WordPress Training in Manchester.

In fact it is very nearly as exciting as a day volunteering in the Malton Museum Stores (as pictured on the right).

The weather is also perfect, as it is miserable, so what better way to spend the day than completely ignoring it, and staring at a computer screen instead.

My Journey from Malton

The travel from Malton started off very well because I was travelling on a Coastliner Bus and this is always a pleasure.

Much less pleasurable was the travel from York to Manchester using the Transpennine services, only because of the service is well over capacity.

I shall attempt to add more exciting post to this website throughout the day so please visit this blog for potential excitement.