Capturing stories – Oral History Project

Hi, I am a volunteer at Malton Museum. I have been volunteering for three years and just this year have been involved with a great project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.  I have been meeting and recording the oral histories of local residents.  All have fascinating tales to tell of growing up in the Malton area and the changes they have seen in their lifetimes.  From the jockeys I met from the Racing Welfare, one who was with his trainer at the Doncaster sales – the trainer looked at a little horse – said to the jockey” it’s too small ever to make anything” and walked away. The name of the horse – Red Rum!!

Other stories include how Coca Cola came to Ryedale during WW2 and how the warehouse first used by Woollons and Harwood was the former local prison. Situated in Finkle Street but demolished many years ago! It was a great privilege to listen to the interesting stories of bygone days and to record them for Malton Museum archives

You can hear a selection of these stories in the exhibition when we reopen on the 31st March.












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