Student project: Creating a prototype for an interpretation pod

Hello, my name is Rosie and I am currently in my final year of sixth form in Malton School, within my subject Product Design.  I am planning to design and make a product (final prototype version) that will be suitable for the outdoor Roman fort site that is located in Orchard Fields. It will also be beneficial for the variety of people whom intend to interact with this product for learning about the fort. The design will be accessible for mixed generations and disability friendly. I intend to make a single product that will contain technological elements to illustrate the historical value of the Roman fort in an intriguing and modern approach but also use traditional and fun activities as well. This product should also have the ability to be transferable to other museums. Thus, I will use multiple mediums to stimulate the imagination and enhance the historical importance.

As this is a rather monumental challenge I have put upon myself, I have searched for guidance from people and groups that are knowledgeable about the local history of Malton and specifically the location of what was the Roman Fort. Therefore, I reached out to Malton Museum, whom have from the start been extremely supportive, especially the Museum development officer, Claire Sawdon. The ability to have feedback and support from a creditable source has helped form my product into a well-researched and viable development. I have had multiple meetings with Ms. Sawdon, that have made progressive steps within my ideas for the product and using the Malton Museum style guideline and applying it onto my ideas has enabled me to gain access into a more professional outlook of my project. The annual volunteer development trip that was to Skipton Castle and the Craven Museum this time, was a fantastic experience that I was invited to by Claire Sawdon, to help me with my ideas for my project and to also visit other local museums, where my product could be located. The knowledge I have gained from the input of the people whom work within Malton Museum has made it possible to create quality ideas that are conscious of all aspects when producing a product that will be open to the public, that I may not have thought of without the feedback!

The project is ongoing, and I have obtained these connections with Malton Museum, they have given me a vast amount of helpful input throughout the project which will hopefully continue right through to the end, all the way to producing my final product!


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